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Monster Cable Products Inc. owns the Monster Cable brand of consumer audio and video cable, which is primarily used to connect audio and video components. The company produces consumer electronics accessories including audio and video cables, headphones, speakers, remotes and power conditioner equipment accessories under names including Monster Power, Monster Mobile, Monster Performance Car, Monster Game, Monster Photo, M Design, and cheap monster beats headphones.

   Today, Monster Cable has almost become the representative of all high -quality wires.  A lot of famous American singers use monster’s professional wire on their instruments, which include plenty of musicians acquiring Grammy Awards. The famous recording artists, engineers and recording studios also use monster cable products to record their music compositions. And now, Monster has grown very well, playing a leading manufacturer of solving high-performance connectivity for audio, video, car audio, computer, bandstand and computer game, as well as the leading innovators in the fields of iPod and iPhone, professional audio and amplification equipment accessories in the world.

     With the beginning in 2008, as part of its commitment to improving the music listening experience for cheap monster beats headphones , the Monster Cable Company had a further progress. It put out a lot of new headphones products jointly created with many famous people. The company created Beats by Dr. Dre headphones series under a friend cooperation with Dr. Dre and Interscope, and designed and produced a series of specialized headphones to listen to all kinds of pop music, with the United States today’s king-class hip-hop singers, such as Lady Gaga, Puff Daddy, Dr. Dre and so on. Its using advanced innovative technology coupled with the appearance of COOL, can not only meet consumer demand for the pursuit for the perfect music details, but also can become the leading fashion tide for the young people and the professional persons who are very fond of music with cheap monster beats by dr dre headphones .